04 January 2010

just bout my feeling....

mnyak mende kne wat..
personal + study + = me

agk pening pale ble da syg someone..
xtw nk wt pe ble da slalu pk kan owg 2....
dats y la aku x bpe ske cintan cintun ni..

study lak..
mkin thn..
mkn heavy..
sgt skit pale..
projek 2 la..
projek ni la..
exam da nk start..
tp x prepare pape pon lg..
xtw la leh score ke x...

ni pic b4 potong.. 

 ni lak..
pic yg da ptg rmbt.. heheh


Anonymous said...

for me, i haven't cut my hair,
yours already, and it look very flair....

is the 1st priority,
love is an oppourtunity,
the balance is the key,
thats your choice, sweety!

any problem, you have friends for company.
dont worry, lecturers sometimes handy,
your looks are fine and happy,

is like a plan,
handle it with a smart hand,

eis said...

hehhe.. thankz for ur opinion..

farah said...

rmbt br,tahun br..hehe